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Australian Independent Foil Insulation Manufacturers






RIMA – Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Assoc USA






The Secretary/AFIA

139 Herald Street, Cheltenham Vic 3192

Tel: (03) 9553 2123 Fax: (03) 9532 5854

Email: tim.renouf@bigpond.com


AFIA ABN: 92 439 108 825

Registered Assoc. A0035961V





To communicate and promote to industry, government and the general community, the environmental importance of high quality aluminium foil insulation for improving energy efficiency in modern building design.



AFIA was formed to better represent the interests of the aluminium foil thermal insulation industry.

Specific objectives of the Association include:


  1. To communicate the performance and benefits of reflective foil insulation systems to the scientific community, the building industry and the broader public.


  1. To promote the use of foil insulation systems as an insulation solution in the design of buildings in which it provides a permanent and continuous resistance against radiation and heat transfer.


  1. To work with State and Federal Governments to ensure that reflective foil insulation systems are appropriately dealt with in regards to regulations and in promotions of building energy efficiency.


  1. To encourage high standards in the manufacture of foil insulation products, and contribute to relevant Standards Committees, ensuring that appropriate Standards are available for the building industry.


  1. To promote a high standard of practice in the installation of aluminium foil insulation systems, and specifically to develop a Code of Practice for installation.


  1. To promote continuous testing & research into reflective foil insulation systems in terms of thermal performance, moisture, fire, health, and ecological impacts relevant to Australia’s climatic conditions.


  1. To contribute to the wider effort by Government and the insulation industry as a whole to encourage best building practice which recognises the need to minimise energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. To foster and support the development of a highly professional aluminium foil insulation industry, and promote the broader economical benefits of aluminium foil insulation to Australia as a whole.


  1. To ensure the ethical behaviour of all members is maintained at all times and to provide consumer advice and support in relation to commercial practices within the insulation industry.



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