HOUSE ENERGY RATINGS – serious challenges (initiated by Prof Terry Williamson-( Adelaide Univ)


Woolly claims on insulation
February 26, 2010
FAR from cutting energy use, home insulation may cause it to rise.


10 Oct: Australian

Hedley Thomas

Correct energy efficiency outcomes need to be collected before spending $billions on government funded climate change programs

CSIRO is pleading for “evidence-based outcomes”.


Eco threat to house prices
From: TheAustralian
August 12, 2010
WHEN Monica Oliphant started studying her electricity bills 37 years ago the threat of climate change barely cast a shadow over the environment.

Energy star ratings in disarray
From: TheAustralian
July 31, 2010
LABOR'S push to cut greenhouse gas emissions through the use of energy efficiency schemes was yesterday dealt another blow when building industry heavyweights discredited the star ratings being applied to hundreds of thousands of homes.

Home building guided by stars
From: TheAustralian
July 31, 2010
WHEN three independent energy assessors began a research project concerning the great Australian dream - the family home - some months back, the motive and objectives were simple.